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a brief update to hold you (mostly sam) over July 13, 2010

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It seems I’ve gone another 2 weeks without a post. It was a pretty non-eventful 2 weeks.


Last week, I went to rutgers to visit aaron (doing research for the summer). we smashed and got pho with jon (cute underclassman coming to UIUC), cathay, (no comment) and lisa. (no comment as well) I mention this only because sam is a pho-freak. (Try saying that IRL; it sounds weird.)


It would be really nice if I could stop losing weight. (Mom’s good cooking is making me eat a lot more, but it’s not helping me gain weight at all…) I’m below the weight I was at when I started college. Rather frustrating considering I’ve been trying to gain weight this entire time. I weigh less than a few too many females.



It’s frustrating. I ran into Mccaff today at the park, and he said it’s normal for my body to be taking so long to regain fitness after mono. So I guess makes me feel a little less shitty about it. Still very shitty nonetheless. These past few weeks of running have been as frustrating as my racing was junior year. Eventually it will get better with training, but it feels like it’ll be an eternity before I’m doing runs that I can be proud of. I need to do a lot more of my runs with other people because the mental difficulty of running alone when out of shape is compounding my problems. I’ve reduced all of my core and upper-body stuff in an effort to focus all of my energy on getting my legs, heart, and lungs back.


My internship with AT&T still hasn’t started. The application processing is taking forever. At this rate, I’m going to set a record for shortest internship ever.


I finally got around to setting up my wii for homebrew and more importantly, smash texture and audio hacking. It was a painless process. They’ve boiled down the instructions to the point where even a trained gorilla could do it.


I don’t think I can bring myself to write anymore tonight. (Writer’s block. I feel like I have other things to write about, but nothing comes to mind at the moment) I’ll play some DS (Ace Attorney Investigation: Miles Edgeworth. I highly recommend the entire Ace Attorney series to anyone who hasn’t tried it. It’s great for some relaxing logic and reasoning.) before I hit the hay.


Finally stuff happens June 24, 2010

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Got a call from an AT&T recruiter today. There’s a pretty good chance i get an internship for the rest of the summer. I have no idea what I’m doing yet, as the job description was fairly vague. I finally have something to do this summer besides running.


Speaking of running, it’s pretty frustrating. I’m beginning to suspect more and more that my bout of mono in March is still hurting my running somehow. When I had that short training stint in January-February this year, I got in shape a lot more quickly than I did these past few weeks. But I suppose I’ll just have to be patient and grind out some more miles.


In related news, I just weighed myself for the first time since coming home from college, and I’ve lost weight…. This totally contradicts the fact that I’ve been eating better (mom’s cooking ftw. all you kids who haven’t been to college yet wouldn’t understand.) and working out a lot. I was aiming to get to 140 lbs by the end of freshman year but I’m under 130 instead…


iPhone 4 came out today, and reviews have been out for a few days. My sister is planning on getting one, so I could probably get some impressions on it once she does. But I wouldn’t trade my Nexus One for an iPhone 4 in a million years. I respect that there’s a hi-res IPS display at 640×960, but that’s practically just catching up to and barely surpassing the latest Android phones, considering the old iPhones were on 320×480 and most Android phones are 480×800 nowadays. And Steve Jobs is sorely mistaken if he thinks IPS technology is better than AMOLED. I’ll admit IPS is sweet, but the pros and cons balance out pretty nicely against AMOLED. JK no iPhone rant. Most people who want to get an iPhone will still get one even after I go through the effort to break down exactly why iOS/iPhone would be better or worse than Android/NexusDroidGalaxySEverythingelse in every aspect.


Going to Princeton saturday with Frank James and Aaron for a smashfest. It’s going to be a good time. I’ll try to train my Falcon a bit more tmw, but after saturday, I’m going to start training to use Peach again so I can use her as a secondary.


Sudden revelation recently: My life is pretty sweet. It could have sucked a lot more – I could have not had my stunning good looks and raw sex appeal and talents in all facets of life 😉 But anyway, your life probably is pretty good too. You should enjoy it, brah.


jC June 21, 2010

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I’m still not blogging consistently yet.


I changed my mind and switched (back) to doing C++ for this summer. (Java just didn’t seem like the logical thing for me to learn at this point) I’m understanding a lot of the lower level stuff (and in effect how the higher level stuff works) a whole lot better now that I have some semblance of an understanding of C. Now to figure out this whole OOP thing…


Running is getting better. I’ve been running with Joe the past week. I had forgotten how much easier it is to run when you’re not running alone while not in the best of shape. I’m have a ways to go before I get back to “Oh hey let’s go for a 94 minute long run alone on the roads and go up Takolusa twice and dip under 5:20 pace for the last mile” form. Anyhoo, I supposed I’ll be whipping into great shape again sometime relatively soon.


I couldn’t borrow Oscar’s pullup bar because he couldn’t find his. And he still uses it sometimes, so I guess I need to buy my own anyway. Dips, pushups, 15 and 3 lb dumbbells and non-equipment core work doesn’t quite cut it for an Abercrombie model teehee.


Smash is supposed to be getting better. Hasn’t been quite as good as I’d like it to be. My johns: can’t play often enough because everyone is gone. Princeton biweekly tourney this weekend and APEX in August right before I leave…


I watched the movie Invictus today. Morgan Freeman is sweet. Movie was so-so, but it’s a Clint Eastwood movie so… I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean.


Reflashed the Nexus One to the Kang-O-Rama rom. (FROYO! I’ve had stock Froyo installed since it came out a month ago, but that’s so bare compared to the custom roms. Can’t wait for CyanogenMod 6!) Every time I reflash, I feel like I just bought a new phone. It is the greatest geek pleasure, I can assure you. And it’s nice to actually understand the more complicated things that people talk about on XDA forums even from just one year of EE education at UIUC. It would be sick if I could get the know-how to help develop roms at some point. I’d probably need at least a year and a half to get near that point though…


I am going to Australia in August right before I go back to UIUC. I’m going to visit my aunt and my half-aussie cousin, whom I haven’t seen in 10+ years. Lisa has requested that I smuggle a kangaroo for her. Apparently they are like the deer in NJ. People hit kangaroos with their cars and they are all over the place etc. But I think most people like kangaroos a lot better. They’re just so silly. Kanga and Roo are pretty high on the list of favorite Pooh characters. There wasn’t a deer in Pooh yet there were two kangaroos, so we can conclude that overall, kangaroos >> deer. I think this is a good place to stop writing. I need to do this more often.


ok actually starting to post again.. June 1, 2010

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So my parents decided to go on vacation in New Hampshire and Maine, and that’s why I’ve been gone for a few days. And of course I neglected to post since coming back from UIUC. I would have posted while on vacation, but I didn’t bring my laptop and typing an entire blog post from the phone would be awfully tedious…


NH and Maine were ok. We just went sightseeing at Mt. Washington and state/national parks.


I took off the last 4 days from running because of a nasty popped blister that I got during the HHS alumni mile last Wednesday. Before that I was only averaging around 5 miles a day, but I should be increasing the mileage to around 7 miles a day pretty soon. Hoping to do a bunch of hill sprints and strides after my runs this summer in hopes of getting back some speed. My peak mileage for the season should fall somewhere around 75 miles since I haven’t had a complete season of running since last year. Core and upper body stuff is taking a backseat to core mileage this summer because I refuse to pay for a gym membership, and I only have 15 and 3 lb dumbbells at home. As a result, lots of pushups and dips for upper body, and lots of planks, leg lifts, and side planks for the core. I still don’t know what to do to work my shoulders, but I can probably get away with neglecting them for 2.5 months…


For the entire first 2 weeks of summer I’ve been at a loss for what I should be doing, considering that my job search has basically failed and due to AP credits I have no need to take summer courses. I’m trying to get some experience with Java and Android development though, so that should kill time.


Speaking of Android, the Nexus One is sickkkkkkk. My only minor complaint applies to every single phone on the market. (iPhone included. Actually, every iPod sounds like garbage in terms of sound quality. Unless you’re willing to do a hardware modification to get line-out and then hook it up to a headphone amp. But you could do that with any DAP) The sound quality for music doesn’t hold a candle to any of the DAPs from Sony, Cowon, or even iRiver. I suppose the sound quality issues are a minor caveat that few people besides me care about.


On another note my Sony NW-HD5 has just celebrated its 5th birthday, and it still works perfectly. (Anyone have a fully functional iPod that’s 5+ years old? Not hating or anything, just that I’ve never met anyone that does..) The battery is still 20+ hours on a single charge, and I could easily buy a replacement battery on ebay for around 10$. (Somehow user-replaceable batteries still haven’t caught on for Apple, even 5 years later…). And remember, this little devil came out in an era when iPods were barely getting 10-12 hours on a charge. I still enjoy listening to my HD5 on a pretty regular basis just because the sound quality is so insanely good. Kills pretty much everything on the market, even 5 years after I bought it. It will be a truly sad day when my HD5 stops working.


I’m going to put off the post about freshman year of college…. Trying to relearn how to blog regularly. It feels so unnatural now..


. May 18, 2010

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I just finished reading Once A Runner. I’m glad I’m back to running.


Starting up again… May 11, 2010

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Blogging and running.


It’s been like 10 months since my last post, so it’ll probably take a few posts before we’re back in the swing of things. And excuse my terribly deteriorated writing for the next few posts… I’ve only written a 500 word paper and a 1000 word paper since getting into college. Plus I had good ol’ Herman last year. So that puts me somewhere in the ballpark of having written 4 papers in 2 years. And half my department doesn’t speak English.


Running is coming back in full swing once I get back home. I’ll regain fitness at a much better clip running in NJ compared to the flat-as-fuck cornfields in Urbana. And I’ll be reading Once a Runner on the car ride back home. Because that’s exactly what I am right now. A used-to-be runner. More on that in a later post. But rest assured, I’m making my way back. I’m going to go back to posting my workouts on this blog the same way I did in previous posts once I’m back in jersey.


Err…. I still have finals in math and philosophy tomorrow and thursday, respectively, so the shindigs about college and the past year of blog-hiatus are coming in a later post instead. Spread the word and sacrifice some virgins and animals: Kevin Hsu’s blog is back up.


1.5 posts in one day!?!? July 28, 2009

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Yeahhhh. Because I”m that fuckin’ awesome.


Speaking of awesome, I saw Pulp Fiction on Friday. Samuel L Jackson pre-Afro Samurai. He played the part like a boss.


Also on Friday: Went to the mall with Frank to pick some stuff up. Like friggin’ amazing silver hightops!? Fuck yeah. Retro ninja turtles hat? skeet skeet. Pics next time.


Sunday: Bennett Camp sponsored run from HHS. I did around 7.5ish miles. Then picked up Wii Sports Resort for 30$. Then lunch at Crown Palace with Ritchie and gang. I had people (from lunch) over afterwards to watch Thank You For Smoking. Then we played smash and WSR for a long time until we decided to watch Crounching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I had forgotten how many boring scenes there were. I fell asleep for half an hour.


The hightops are doing their job. Time for some Khsu+JC magic to get the job done. Alas, there is quite a bit of rust on these wheels. (You’ve missed the metaphors. I know.)


All the other days i haven’t blogged about have been relatively uneventful. Mostly playing smash or watching movies with a few people.I’m certainly not lamenting over the excess of free time.