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July 25, 2010

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Below is a comment from maati on this engadget article. Huzzah science. My sister still hasn’t gotten her iPhone 4 so I still don’t have first hand impressions.

@bighap Apple failed.

And they’re lying about the nature of the problem.

No other phone suffers from the same issues.

Here are the facts, the real ones:

Anandtech has shown that the Nexus One’s signal drops by only 10dBm when holding it normally, while the iPhone 4’s signal drops by 24dBm.

Even when gripped tightly, the Nexus One’s signal drops by only 17dBm, compared to 24dBm on the iPhone. And of course, nobody holds his phone like that in normal use.

Source: http://www.anandtech.com/show/3821/iphone-4-redux-analyzing-apples-ios-41-signal-fix/3

CNET have done a video that has shown that, even when the iPhone 4 has 5 bars, by just touching the weak spot, the person on the other end can’t hear you anymore.

Source: http://cnettv.cnet.com/iphone-4-antenna-tests/9742-1_53-50090044.html

German Stiftung Warentest have done scientific testing and seen the iPhone 4’s reception drop by 90% when the weak spot gets touched.
They could not make other phones drop more than 25%, even when gripping them tightly.

Source: http://www.test.de/themen/computer-telefon/schnelltest/4116516-4116521/

Steve Jobs himself has confirmed that the iPhone 4 drops up to one more call per 100 than the 3GS (it must be very close to one, otherwise he would have used other numbers). AT&T’s average dropped call rate is 1.44%, they claim.
If the iPhone 3GS is an ‘average’ AT&T phone, that means the iPhone 4 drops about 67% more calls than the 3GS. A HUGE increase!

Source: boygeniusreport.com/2010/07/21/att-we-have-a-1-44-dropped-call-rate/

The real issue is not that you can make the signal drop, but HOW and by HOW MUCH.

HOW: Hold the iPhone 4 naturally in your left hand, like everyone does while surfing or making left-handed calls.
That’s very different from ‘death-gripping’.

HOW MUCH: 20dBm vs. 10dBm or 90% vs. 25% or 99% vs. 90%, depending on your system of measurement. Or, in other words: Much more than with other phones.

And I can even explain to you WHY the iPhone has those problems and other phones don’t.

The iPhone 4 is the only phone that lets yoou ground the antenna by bridging it with other metal parts.

Other phones let you shield the antenna, which of course causes attenuation. A drop of 10dBm means power drops by a factor of 10, or 90%.

But that’s very different to grounding the antenna, which causes it to become completely ineffective. A drop of 20dBm means power drops by a factor of 100, or 99%.

That means, if you hold both phones naturally, the Nexus One still recieves ten times the radiation power of the iPhone 4.

At -91dBm (the minimum for full 5 bars in iOS4.0), the Nexus One only shows 3 bars, but it can still easily make crystal clear calls when held naturally, even though it loses 10dBm, whereas the iPhone 4 gets very close to dropping the call, which happens at -113dBm.

Bars don’t mean anything. If one phone shows 4 bars at -90dBm and another shows 4 bars at -80dBm, the radiation power recieved by the first phone is still 90% less than that recieved by the latter.

By showing us bars, instead of doing real reception and audio quality measurements, Apple essentially admits that other phones don’t have any real issues


Recent happenings March 9, 2009

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Here is the long-awaited fanservice fight scene in our Macbeth movie for the Herman project. We spent 4.5 hours filming at Pavan’s house on friday, but we still have 2 more scenes to finish up because Santosh had to leave early. We’ll have to edit it on my computer this weekend, mostly likely using Sony Vegas, but Windows Movie Maker if we’re strapped for time. (If so, I might go back and spruce it up with Vegas when i get a chance)



As of this current writing, I’m using Windows Live Writer to make my WordPress posts. The software is very robust, and it allowed me to upload video directly to youtube while embedding it in my blog post (just did so for the fight scene). There are also a bunch of plug-ins that allow Live Writer to use photos from your picasa and flickr accounts quite easily. I’d highly recommend making the switch for your blog posts if you’re running Windows.


On Running

Spring Track just started last Friday, and it’s a welcome change to stretch and warmup with an entire team rather than just 4-6 guys that i run with during off time. It’s my final season of high school running, but I’m definitely going to continue running after high school. There’s no way I’d give up my killer bod to laziness after all. Additional goal for this spring: run fast enough to give ‘em sick speed goggles for kev hsu. Although I’d like to point out, that for the kids in our state that are fast enough to get nice speed goggles, those speed goggles are unlikely to save them from having their gene pool ended by natural selection.


Today was 6 toploops. Haven’t done this many in ages. 53:45 for the whole thing. (8:57.5 average, finished in 8:26.)


Everything else because i decided to stop categorizing this post

I got rejected from Caltech, but I was basically expecting this and realistically, I was hoping for a wait-listed at best. Mostly due to my shitty junior year grades. No worries though. Everywhere else decisions come out in the next 3 weeks.


I have a beautiful moneymaking scheme. I bought 3 copies of C&C Red Alert 3 Premier Edition, 2 copies of Crysis Warhead, 1 copy of Crysis, and 3 copies of Orange Box for $10 each plus tax at BB because of a $20 off coupon. Resell value is at least $20 for each. I’m planning on keeping a copy of red alert 3 for myself and maybe 1 each of the crysis games. Might make another stop to another best buy to pick up more games before the offer expires. (I cleaned out the stock at the holmdel BB except for 1 copy of red alert 3, so don’t even bother checking.)


Went to see Watchmen with kev li, mike choie, and paco. I’ve only gotten through a little of the graphic novel, but it’s really apparent that the source material is much better. The movie is still decent on its own though. If a blue penis doesn’t make you laugh, what will? I should go out more often now since school is winding down….


stop actin’ like yah so fly February 17, 2009

One week since the last legit post… I guess if I started posting everyday, I wouldn’t forget where I left off on the previous post. Then again, all the posts would be crappier since I wouldn’t be able to cherry pick all of the more interesting stuff out of the past week or however-long-it-is-between-posts.

I haven’t run with a group in about a week. I’ve been either running with george or alone for the past few days since Stefan and friggly were tapering for Group 2. Trying to get in some more core exercises lately.

Afro Samurai was out of control. I can’t even begin to describe how baller SLJ is in that movie. And the soundtrack is like sex in the ears.

Valentine’s day was a great day on the whole. I ran a bitchin’ 300 workout with george (~66-64 second 400m pace), then went to ihop with mccaff, friggly, Stefan, and changa. Then sam walter and jon tai showed up late. After that, I got home at 12 and had to go out to lunch with the whole family at Bando (Formerly Hunan House, now under new ownership) Getting home at 2ish, I showered and abandoned all attempts at work, instead, going with the family to perry’s house for some get together with family friends. I played tetris party for the first time, and I definitely need to scrape together enough wii points to download it because it’s awesome. Unfortunately, since I was outnumbered 2 to 1 by girls, I also had to sit through 4.5 hours of chick flicks that were showing on TV. (the end of how to lose a guy in ten days, all of sweet home Alabama, and the first half or so of the breakup.) However, all my trouble was well rewarded =) It was a totally Newtonian gravitational moment for me. (I’m not sure that I’ll remember what I meant by this sentence a week later when I read this to see where to start my next post…)

The Bluetooth USB adapter arrived from dealextreme over the weekend, but I’m still waiting for the portable amp since it got delayed due to Chinese new year screwing with all of the productions stuff. I spent 2 hours trying to get my wii guitar working with frets on fire to no avail, but I think I figured out what my problem was. I should be able to get it working this weekend.

I recently discovered slashfoods, a blog solely about food, and have fallen in love.

One more month until more college acceptances start trickling out. A bit of choice would be nice. Especially since I get the feeling that I could get royally screwed by the fact that the only colleges I’m into so far are public schools that possibly won’t give me shit in financial aid.

Wahoo. Things are alright recently.


Darwin Day February 13, 2009

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Happy Darwin Day ~ 200 years kiddies!


aye December 4, 2008

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Restarting hundredpushups this winter. The only reason I stopped was because I pretty much had to miss a few days almost every single week during the xc season because I didn’t want to my arms to be tired during my xc races, so I’d have to stop doing pushups like 3-4 days before each race, which pretty much meant I’d be working out 1 time a week, not nearly enough to make it worth the effort. I don’t particularly care about winter track beyond using it as a training season, so it’s the perfect time to get the rest of my body besides my legs to 100% fitness. If I can get my arms stronger, then my form hopefully will be more intact from the 400-1200m mark. I think I’ll do more strides and plyometrics after runs to improve my raw speed and kick. I need to reteach myself to exceed my own physical limits if I want a shot to run 4:25 and 9:45 this season. (sub 2:00? It would be nice too, but not necessarily a top priority. It would certainly help my 1600 time too though if I can run 2:00.)

Still haven’t finished any of my xmas shopping, but I got oscar’s bday present, which pretty much is included on the xmas shopping list every year. I can’t believe I missed a 40% off opportunity from HP.com through Microsoft live cashback on black Friday. Not sure that I need anything from them, but had I known about the discount, I probably would have been enticed to buy something. (HP’s 2408h 24” is an awesome LCD if you’re in the market. The Dell 24” Ultrasharp is nice because it’s not a TN Panel, meaning it has better vertical viewing angles, but it has a pretty noticeable lag if you’re gonna be playing any sorts of games. I suppose I’ll order a few of the xmas gifts this week because otherwise I’ll probably hafta drive to multiple brick and mortar shops to buy all my gifts.

I’m currently holding off on all of my remaining college apps. I’m gonna wait until Columbia and UI come back on the 12th. Why risk doing work that could potentially be all for naught rather than take no chances and write some of my essays? I’m pretty sure no one else from our school is applying ED to Columbia for Fu Engineering, and the past few years, the acceptance rate for ED Columbia Engineering has been >30%. Then again, this could be one of those “self-selecting pool” sorts of situations. In terms of SATs, I’m well above the medians, but I think I might get a screwed by my crappy junior year grades. Plus I pretty much joined zero clubs because I wanted to concentrate 100% on running. (I suppose Sci League and Math Club count, but besides that, I’ve got nothing) Heavy community service and the eng. Dpt. Internship will probably help a bit too. (I didn’t list the number of hours of service I did though, I just included which organizations I volunteered at and what I did.) I’m pretty sure mccaff wrote me a strong rec based on running since I pretty much never miss practice, and he knows I ran a shitload of mileage this summer. Not all too sure how tight the competition for Columbia might be this year, considering that obama probably drew quite a few more people to apply. Anyhoo, hoping for the best. It’s nice that I can sincerely wish all of my close and not-so-close friends luck since my ED schools don’t coincide with them at all.

Today was my 4th day off from running. I have until Dec. 15th off. It’s nice to take time to physically and mentally recover from xc even though I’m not necessarily feeling the same aches and pains that my somewhat less biomechanically fortunate friends know and love. The only issue is that I have more time than I know what to do with. My mom is pretty strict about video games on the weekends, so that’s idea is up the wazoo. The past few schoolnights I’ve been finishing work early at about 8 or 9 and then screwing around on the computer while pretending to study until about 12 or so. Even then, I only go to bed because I’m tired of looking at the computer screen. Then I still have too much energy left over from the day to fall asleep. In the aspect that I don’t feel as accomplished everyday after I go to bed, I really miss running and can’t wait to go back in 1.5 weeks.

If you’re reading this and haven’t done so already, you absolutely must check the post below. I hate watching youtube videos that people post on their blogs cuz they tend to be unfunny and total BS, but I can assure you that this is the best video you will ever watch. It’s inspired me to raise my powerlevels. Watch out.


You be my princess
I’ll be your toad
I’ll follow behind you
on rainbow road
Protect you from red shells
wherever we go
I promise.

No one will touch us
if we pick up a star
If you spin out
you can ride in my car
When we slide together
we generate sparks
in our wheels and our hearts

The finish line
is just around the bend
I’ll pause this game
so our love will never end
Let’s go again

The blue shell is coming
so I’ll go ahead
If you hang behind
it’ll hit me instead
but never look back
cause I’m down but not dead
I’ll catch up to you

Don’t worry about
Bowser or DK
Eat this glowing mushroom
and they’ll all fade away

The finish line
is just around the bend
I’ll pause this game
so our love will never end
Let’s go again

The finish line
is just around the bend
I’ll pause this game
so our love will never end
Let’s go again

to the mushroom cup
and the flower cup
and the star cup
and the reverse cup



woahhh November 30, 2008

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FLNE was today. I didn’t do very well, but nontheless, I’m relieved XC is over cuz i’m pretty much burnt out after 6 months of it. Sadly enough, I can’t say that I’ve ever been legitimately satisfied with my performance during XC seasons despite putting in a ton of mileage and doing well in practice. There’s just been a mental block that’s really screwed with me everytime i’m on a course that just happens to be 5000 meters long. Anyhoo, it’s been a good 4 years of XC, but I guess I won’t be missing much just yet since the training and people will be essentially the same for the final 2 seasons of track. On a happier note, George qualified for Nationals, so he’s off to san diego in 2 weeks.

I set up XBMC Live and installed it on a flash drive this past Tuesday. I’ll most likely invite people over for movies in the coming months b/c I can play all of my movies off of the comp onto the plasma screen and through the 5.1 system. (in HD bitches!) Also, my dad is probably going to get new speakers (at least replacing the front 3 channels) so it will be an exquisite experience. The XBMC software is very intuitive and very simple to use (as long as your computer doesn’t have ATI graphics, cuz then it fucks up the strangest things. Luckily I’m a pro and I replaced the .dll file that it somehow lost…). It uses very good video decoders, so even with a so-so computer, you can still manage to play 1080p H.264 content very well. XBMC is probably one of the best examples of open source software out there at the moment, and it pretty much owns any commercial alternatives. The only caveat is that there’s no interface to set up the WLAN so I’d hafta go into the command line to do it, and even if I did, 802.11g probably isn’t fast enough for HD content, especially if obstructed by my computer being in a wall console. Hence, I’ll hafta run Ethernet cables through the floor to the wall console.

Spent thanksgiving at oscar’s house playing melee almost the whole time. Also rewatched Juno, which is a ballin’ movie. Michael Cera is a beast.

Finished watching Minami-ke Okawari this weekend. Can’t wait for 3rd season this January. Got further in Darker Than Black. It gets a lot better in the middle episodes.

Gotta figure out Christmas gifts. Decent budget for gifts this year since I had a summer job. Getting gifts for people in school that I think will probably give me gifts plus a few others because otherwise everyone will just get shitty gifts that had no thought put into them. Quality over quantity. I’m not looking for anything in particular for myself this holiday season because my tech need have been fulfilled. (Pandora, new desktop.) Anything thoughtful is nice.

Sweet, I can officially break out my holiday-themed anime wallpapers since it’s past thanksgiving. (Come to think of it, need to become a photoshop pro this summer!)

Tons of college essays left. I haven’t done any of the essays for my schools that are on the common app. I’ll save at least a few until after I hear back on my ED. Gawd, I can’t hope enough to get in ED.

I need to talk to more girls. I only talk to Paco on a regular basis, and as a result, she bears the brunt of the inherent awkward (but admittedly amusing) sexual tension that comes from Bert talking to girls. (Although sexual tension is practically a cornerstone of ABFAFship, so it can’t be abandoned) (That’s a lie. If Paco were a guy, I’d probably still be tight with her (Or him. Wait. How do hypothetical pronouns work? I think it should be him) (But if you are a guy and you have orange hair, don’t talk to me. Seriously. You probably can’t pull it off the way paco does. It’s her natural hair color. Just like all other Asians. The rest of us just choose to dye our hair black.) )

Just hold on, two more weeks and hopefully EA/ED college acceptances. After that, partay. (If I don’t get in, it’s an essay partay) (Dammit Joe, it’s all your fault I feel like such a tool for that last sentence.)


1 month left October 26, 2008

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one month left in xc…. the hay is in the barn. beyond that, i really want to try and run 4:25 and sub 2:00 this year so we can take a DMR or 4×1600 team to Nationals this year. The only decision left to make is NIke Victory or Nike Mamba?

watching nodame cantabile paris, gundam 00, and possibly michiko to hatchin.

dk and pika main? i need a good MK to practice on though b/c the cpu MK sucks so much that i can’t practice on it. i’ll pick wolf back up hopefully after college apps and/or xc season.

No farming activities whatsoever recently. considering fallback on frosted flakes.

Columbia app pretty much done. Interview Nov 7, but i dunno what to expect. UI and Purdue, I’m still working on the essays. It would be really nice to get into Columbia, but i wouldn’t mind going to HMC, Duke, Penn, or Caltech either.

I’m really happy my dad let me keep my Pandora preorder. Too bad no one is currently working on the n64 emulator. But still, at least there’s PSX, SNES, and everything below emulation. Plus, kickass internet device and video player. (720p H.264 possibilities, as long as they can get hardware acceleration working.) First time i’ve been this excited for a gadget/gamesystem.

listening to tons of classical music recently, probably due to watching quite a few eps of nodame in the past 2 weeks. Amon Amarth is also amazing. Viking metal, kids.

Not enjoying psych. Stat and Econ are boring, but they’re ok since i can sleep almost everyday or play tetris in stat. I got wrecked on the last Physics test, but hopefully i’ll rebound. I shouldn’t have screwed up and gotten an 85 last test. Otherwise, i’d have a bit of a buffer to keep myself at an A after this test. Not that i’m all too concerned about grades, seeing as how it’s my senior year. All i really care about now is farming, getting into college, smash, and running.