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now for the post that doesn’t suck… July 19, 2010

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School is going to be hell this semester. My grades have been well below my standards in college for reasons that are sometimes out of my control. I can’t afford to let anything affect my grades negatively this semester. FOCUSSSSSS POCUSSSS (yeah, i don’t know what this is either. it sounded catchy in my head while i was typing.)


Summer break is about 2/3 over, and I’ve done nothing of value thus far. I’m ok with it though. If it means I have a little more mental energy for better grades fall semester. Besides, I have an internship starting Monday (Yeah it means I only have a 2 week internship….) so the summer won’t have been a waste.


ALMOST FORGOT!!!! Last Thursday, I pulled off an epic snipe on ebay for a pair of GOLD JS WINGS. Within 5 minutes before the auction ended, bidding went from $65 to $85 when there were only 30 seconds left. Then, with 15 seconds remaining, I placed my first bid, a maximum bid of $90 which brought the auction up to $86. With 5 seconds left, in a last ditch effort, another bidder placed a maximum bid of $89, which my $90 max bid automatically outbid, giving no one else time to react. I’m sure it doesn’t seem nearly as exciting when you’re reading about it. But I’m sure most people can appreciate this level of awesomeness: the gold colorway of JS wings retail for $240 and they rarely go for under $135 on ebay. I’m still waiting for them to ship, but here’s a picture to save you people the trouble of googling if you don’t know what JS Wings look like:





I got a massive haircut yesterday. It’ll grow back eventually.


Look forward to more frequent but shorter posts once the school year starts. (Plus an epic Australia post)


Less than 3 weeks until Australia (and APEX, but I probably can only go for day 2), and about a month until I move into my apartment at UIUC. Time is flying. Good thing I’ve got wings for it now. (JS WINGS LOLOLOLOL GET IT?)


One Response to “now for the post that doesn’t suck…”

  1. Sam Says:

    DUDE I do that thing too. “FOCUSSSS FOCUSSSS”


    wings are dope

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