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a brief update to hold you (mostly sam) over July 13, 2010

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It seems I’ve gone another 2 weeks without a post. It was a pretty non-eventful 2 weeks.


Last week, I went to rutgers to visit aaron (doing research for the summer). we smashed and got pho with jon (cute underclassman coming to UIUC), cathay, (no comment) and lisa. (no comment as well) I mention this only because sam is a pho-freak. (Try saying that IRL; it sounds weird.)


It would be really nice if I could stop losing weight. (Mom’s good cooking is making me eat a lot more, but it’s not helping me gain weight at all…) I’m below the weight I was at when I started college. Rather frustrating considering I’ve been trying to gain weight this entire time. I weigh less than a few too many females.



It’s frustrating. I ran into Mccaff today at the park, and he said it’s normal for my body to be taking so long to regain fitness after mono. So I guess makes me feel a little less shitty about it. Still very shitty nonetheless. These past few weeks of running have been as frustrating as my racing was junior year. Eventually it will get better with training, but it feels like it’ll be an eternity before I’m doing runs that I can be proud of. I need to do a lot more of my runs with other people because the mental difficulty of running alone when out of shape is compounding my problems. I’ve reduced all of my core and upper-body stuff in an effort to focus all of my energy on getting my legs, heart, and lungs back.


My internship with AT&T still hasn’t started. The application processing is taking forever. At this rate, I’m going to set a record for shortest internship ever.


I finally got around to setting up my wii for homebrew and more importantly, smash texture and audio hacking. It was a painless process. They’ve boiled down the instructions to the point where even a trained gorilla could do it.


I don’t think I can bring myself to write anymore tonight. (Writer’s block. I feel like I have other things to write about, but nothing comes to mind at the moment) I’ll play some DS (Ace Attorney Investigation: Miles Edgeworth. I highly recommend the entire Ace Attorney series to anyone who hasn’t tried it. It’s great for some relaxing logic and reasoning.) before I hit the hay.


One Response to “a brief update to hold you (mostly sam) over”

  1. Sam Says:

    dude at least you can still try to run…my legs go numb lmao

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